Hi! We’re Mila & Mariano. We’re two Argentinians that have been traveling around the world for a while and have now found a pleasant base in Tbilisi.

StartupStories Georgia is a non-profit series of interviews with the entrepreneurs that are making Georgia a rising star in the startup scene.

We chose this way to bring global awareness about the amazing opportunities it provides for people like us: not only good internet, nice weather and low cost of living, but also a 1 year visa permit to enter, reside, work and study, privileged low taxes and plenty of entrepreneurial activity.

We want to spread the word of its privileges and help it get the attention it deserves. It’s also our way to give in return what this beautiful country is giving to us — a place to live, a community and… wine!

Because entrepreneurship is the way to sustainable innovation. And Georgia is the next place to start.

Meet the creators

Mila Di Bella
Creating content that converts.
Happily remote.
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Mariano Martene

Mariano Martene
Full Stack Marketer.
Helping Startups around the world to grow their business and reach their next milestone.
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